Aug. 16th, 2009

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I'm back! And I bet most of you didn't even know I was gone. :P

On Friday I trundled off to the Ramada Hotel in Coventry for my first ever WriterconUK Midimeet. Of the 25 other attendees, I had met precisely one before: [ profile] kitty_poker1, so it was a weekend of dizzying memory blanks and jumbled names/nyms/IDs.

A complete(ish) list of attendees can be found here, as I am really not up to that amount of coding right now. *g*

There were talks and presentations a-plenty, and I got to pretend I knew what I was on about by giving a talk on (my opinion on) how best to moderate communities. It was both terrifying and thrilling. And apparently also educational. (Yay me!)

I had my first ever Thai food on friday night and will now pine piteously because there is no Thai restaurant in my town and that makes me saaaaaaaad. :(

The program of events for the weekend can be found here. With any luck, people will be making posts in [ profile] writerconuk reiterating their presentations and talks for anyone who might be interested.

Feel free to link me to anything interesting I might miss in my mad scroll through flistdom.

Roll on WriterconUK Midmeet 2010!

*smooches to you all*


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